THE BLACKLAVA - Release Video For LINKIN PARK's Cover "Crawling"

Italian Alternative Rock/Metal outfit, The Blacklava have released a muysic video for the LInkin Park's cover "Crawling".

Frontman Carlo “Karlo” Loglisci commented:

"Linkin Park and especially Chester's voice were the real push for me to start singing. I was 15 when Hybrid Theory came out and I was MTV addicted! I sang all their songs out loud with my friends and from that moment I decided that I would learn to scream like Chester! It was difficult to confront one's own musical myth. I don't usually make posts like this but also never expose yourself and keep everything inside I don't think it's positive in the long run. I have been suffering from depression for years and finding a balance hasn't been easy. Understanding how to fill that void and that restlessness is not at all easy. Enough is never say about depression! I was lucky enough to have a person next to me who understood and helped me on my path but not everyone was so lucky. Four years after his death we,The Blacklava, want to remember Chaz and what they meant for us both from a musical and an emotional point of view."