SLIPKNOT - Vman Details His Metal Roots, The Impact of Guns N Roses on Defender of the Riff (VIDEO)

Vman (Slipknot) chats with Daniel DeKay on the latest Defender of the Riff on his musical upbringing starting with clarinet into piano and eventually progressing to classical guitar at age 11. It's around this time Vman discovers Guns N' Roses 'Use Your Illusion II' which acts as his gateway into heavy metal.

He reveals his first concert being Ozzfest '98 at Milton Keynes Bowl, starting Cry for Silence, playing shows with Knuckledust and Stampin' Ground at an early age and more.

Watch all of Part 1 which includes Vman picking up an eight-string guitar for the first time in 10 years to demolish a track from Cry for Silence’s 2008 record The Glorious Dead and more on the Watford scene and his technical growth -

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