SEEK HARBOUR - Present New Single "Alone > Lonely"

Seek Harbour are a melodic hardcore band from Kent, UK. The band have already surpassed 150,000 streams on Spotify alone, despite only having released three tracks to date. With an EP planned for later in 2021, the band are showing no signs of slowing down. The band are growing quickly and resonating with fans of bands such as Being As An Ocean, Casey and Acres.

‘alone > lonely’ is the new single from Seek Harbour. It is released across all streaming platforms on the 23rd July 2021. The band recently joined Saviour Management, and have since landed coverage with the likes of BBC, Moshville Times, Karma Radio, Hardbeat, Dreambound, Music Matters, Uber Rock, Idioteq, and Local Distortion. The band are yet to play a show, and in a pandemic where the productivity of many bands has been stifled, Seek Harbour are a band that continue pushing from strength to strength. With a busy 2021 scheduled, the band promise plenty of new music and will be touring and playing shows across the UK too.

Speaking about ‘Alone > Lonely’ guitarist and songwriter CJ says “ alone>lonely addresses the varying degrees of isolation a lot of people had to manage during the COVID 19 pandemic, more specifically - becoming introverted and not feeling comfortable communicating with loved ones on a regular basis. The song is designed to convey a ‘call and response’ dialogue between the introverted person - and a loved one who has been attempting to make contact. The party making the effort, feels somewhat let down and offended by the silence - whereas the conclusion (and over riding message of the song) - is that those feelings are not merited, and whilst sometimes we may spend extended periods of time alone - this doesn’t necessarily mean we are lonely”

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