SAVING VICE - Share New Single "Phantom Pain"

Following up on their Binary EP, Saving Vice is back with their new single "Phantom Pain" out today. Recorded over at Pasquarella Recordings (If I Were You, Currents) by Randy Pasquarella (who also recorded the band's debut LP), the single was inspired by the absence of live music and how not having that outlet became detrimental and gave way to a lot of doubts, fears, and hopelessness for the band.

“The song is about feeling pain, anxiety, sadness, or anger from past trauma. You may not be going through it anymore but you still feel it and deal with it even though you may seem fine to everyone else.", says vocalist Tyler Small about the track.

On the topic of the pandemic, Small says "The only way to get through it all was to sort of lie to yourself even though it might not ever be better again. Sometimes burying your pain and faking a smile is the only coping mechanism you have."

Taking influences from everything the band has been listening to from hip-hop-infused artists like Linkin Park, Ghostemane, and nothing, nowhere. this track is an amalgamation of all these sounds while still incorporating a sound that fans will be able to relate to. The band hopes that the takeaway from this release is that people realize they've only scraped the surface of what they hope to accomplish with their sound and that they have a lot of versatility to offer.

As far as to what to expect next from the band Small says, "Anything and everything. We have more ideas than we know what to do with and we’ve never been more motivated. I can promise that the next song we drop will be significantly more like the Saving Vice that was featured on our debut album and Colder Than Dark EP. The catchiest and heaviest Saving Vice is yet to come."

"Phantom Pain" is available on Spotify and most other online streaming platforms. You can check out the video for the track below!