PSEUDOPULSE - Reveal Video For New Single "Desecrate"

Canadian Progressive Metalcore outfit, PSEUDOPULSE have released a new single and music video "Desecrate".

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The band commented:

"With “Desecrate”, we’ve tried to make a statement: coming out of the gate firing on all cylinders and infusing our biggest influences into a single sound to really showcase what we have to offer. Adrian coming from Our Last Crusade and Lance from Lost In Static, you can definitely hear we combined elements from our respective projects and experiences, as well as bands like Volumes, The Acacia Strain, and After The Burial, into what will hopefully be a fresh new sound to dominate the Calgary scene and beyond. This track is a glimpse into our potential as we continue exploring range and sub-genres, and we’re absolutely stoked to continue diving into our creative side freely in a new experience. We hope everyone enjoys the ride with “Desecrate” while we work on future releases!"