OVERHATE - Release New Video "The Penance And The Lesson"

Venezuelan thrash titans ‘Overhate’ have today released new video for ‘The Penance And The Lesson’, a monstrous and hard-hitting depiction of luck, fate, frustration and aggression, as they furiously navigate the waves of thrash, death, technical and progressive metal.

“‘The Penance and the Lesson’ is a song that tries to depict what luck is for everyone at certain decisive moments, the song’s aggressiveness wants to give the listener a peak at the frustration when luck, serving as our fate, doesn’t fall to our favor… Yet, if lessons are learnt out of these unfavorable situations, certain pictures can become very clear, as to how hard decisions well taken can often bring the best of outcomes. Be aware, if there’s no solution, no answer to the question or nothing you can envision, the dices fall for all, as the penance and the lesson are to resume our moments now.” – Giancarlo, Overhate

Solidifying their presence as one of Venezuela’s most successful rock bands, Overhate took 2020 to release their third album ‘New Beginnings Are Met’, of which ‘The Penance And The Lesson’ is the spearhead, pushing the boundaries of metal. Being from Venezuela, the current social and overall climate can assure you are angry enough to create an album of such ferocity, but as Giancarlo Vettor tends to say; “It’s just a way to channel everything”, and so from the opening track “Realities Collide”, to the closing politically aware “Beneath the Curse”, you will find songs that just derive from a hostile and unjust environment, in which the exercise of dealing with the frustration that the everyday situations produce, have issued a space for inspirations for the band to create some of the most amazing songs, that summarize a record for metal fans to feast upon. Just as the title implies a new beginning, the band is reborn to take over the metal world stronger than before. Stream the album here: http://smarturl.it/OVHnewbeginnings

Though 2020’s pandemic continues to hold musicians worldwide in hostage, Overhate look forward to taking their long awaited new album and brutal creations to the stage worldwide, as soon as restrictions allow.