JOVIAC - Release New Video "The Fine Line"

Finnish progressive metal band Joviac released a new single and home made music video The Fine Line. The band released their latest album "Here And Now" earlier last year via Inverse Records.

Watch The Fine Line music video below!

Viljami Wenttola's comments:

"The Fine Line is a song about overcoming life's challenges and being true to one's self. It's about forging your own path, even if it wasn't necessarily the easiest road to take. We're all coming out of a long and difficult year of isolation, fear and uncertainty, so I felt that now would be the perfect time to release this song as an empowering and affirming message to the world. However, I feel that it is also paramount to remember the sacrifices that have been made, so we can learn and keep moving forward. As with every cloud there's a silver lining, then with every silver lining there's also a cloud. Life's double edged like that."