HUMAN HELL - Release New Single "Life Deprived"

Human Hell release their single ‘Life Deprived’ on DSP’s on the 16th July 2021. This single is the second from the bands upcoming EP and the band continue to showcase a much darker sound than anything they have previously written. ‘Life Deprived’ is complimented by a macabre, bleak visualiser. Human Hell have upcoming shows with Monasteries, Gassed Up, RXPTRS, From Sorrow To Serenity and Immerse, with plenty more being booked for the remainder of 2021. The upcoming EP focusses on occult and dark subject matter. Over the campaign, the band have already had coverage with the likes of Kerrang, Heavy Mag, Knot Fest and Idobi Howl.

Speaking about ‘Life Deprived’ Steven Parnell says - “Life deprived is a much heavier offering since previous single Amalantrah, it’s a product of ache. It is real life. It’s the result of a complete lack of connection to the world. We are all alone amongst each other. Unanswered, we continue life deprived. From government and god. The accompanying visualiser is made of footage from public archives, designed almost like a psychological operation, much like disturbing aversion therapy scenes in clockwork orange, this should come with a slight disclaimer”

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