FASTER ON FIRE - "Bloom Bright" On Latest Single

Raleigh, NC Rock duo Faster On Fire have just released their latest single “Bloom Bright,” an upbeat pop punk/rock crossover track featuring a driving beat and jangly guitars over honest, sincere vocals.

For the band, consisting of Alex Gabor on drums and Jon Skinner on vocals and guitar, “Bloom Bright” is all about taking life as it comes and understanding what's meant to be. “It's about having patience,” explains Skinner. “Just because things don’t work out the way you think they should now doesn’t mean there’s not a right time.”

This single is the first upbeat, more punk-inspired track with the group's new producer Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios (Trophy Wives).

Because of the pandemic, Faster On Fire didn't feel the pressure of a deadline in the studio. “We took our time and sort of painted an "aural illusion" in our minds of what we knew the song could be, and finished the fine details in the studio,” says Skinner. “Usually we go into the lab thinking we know exactly what we want, but because of all the extra time and knowing we had Chris on our team, we showed up with sort of a wire frame of the song and a lot of ideas.”

Faster On Fire has deep roots within the NC Pop Punk scene, beginning their musical careers in the band The Oh Whales. After a short run, The Oh Whales called it quits, leaving Jon and Alex open for a fresh start. Being a duo has provided its challenges, but the band has built a strong team around them.

“People ask us how we manage to be in a two-piece band, but it's really something like a 15-piece,” says the band. “We have an incredible management team with FBT Entertainment, we're working with a brand expert in Denmark named Effi (@effi_summers) and our stand-in musicians at live shows always make every performance really exciting. The future is really bright because of the team we've put together and that's really the whole mindset of the band, if you're having a great time with friends, it doesn't feel like work.”

With an arsenal of unreleased tracks, the two began to reinvent their sound, taking influences from artists that inspired them, combined with an emotionally-charged approach, tailoring their new sound to their vision. The result, an exciting nostalgia-infused sound full of emotion and honesty.

Listen to the single "Bloom Bright" now on Spotify.