EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: VERBIAN - Release New Single "Nem A Luz Escapa", Sign WIth Antigony Records

Antigony Records is proud to welcome Verbian in his family! Verbian is a quasi-instrumental trio born in the city of Porto, Portugal. They are characterized by their unique and layered progressive sound, imbued with the influence of various musical languages including prog-rock, post-metal and even some doom, doing this in a very fresh and original way, not worrying about genre. Throughout their repertoire they alternate between a myriad of sonic landscapes, resorting to heavy and epic riffage to bang your head to, electronics, samples and synthesizers, to lift you up from the ground, but also catchy rhythms and danceable grooves. 

Today the band released a new single and music video  “Nem A Luz Escapa” the first one taken from the upcoming album due for release in 2021, is available NOW in all digital platforms.

About the single:

"Everything comes to an end, yet everything is eternal. All bad dreams come to an end, yet they are eternal. Even light cannot escape its fate, yet it is eternal. It is just a matter of perspective. All that is good and bad are but the same thing. As humans we are entrenched in this reality in such a way that we cannot see behind its curtains, there is no end, nor beginning, and even though no light can escape, light is the only thing that is. We are asleep, yet we have never been so.!