DYING DESOLATION - Ode To The "lose/lose" Aspect of Cancel Culture

Cleveland Metalcore band Dying Desolation have returned with their first new single of 2021 since their sophomore EP Paroxysm. "Snakes" is a pummeling, ground-shaking track, produced by Scooter Fort of Rewire Recording Studio, about the lose/lose situation that can sometimes be found in cancel culture.

"No matter what side you're on, regardless of the topic, someone will always come for your throat," says vocalist/guitarist Gabe Gazic. "These 'snakes' will often come together to try to collectively ruin your life just for holding different beliefs."

Dying Desolation recruited several choir kids to create a larger-than-life chorus for the song. The music video is filled with dark, intense performances from the band, and of course, snakes.

Listen to the single "Snakes" now on Spotify