BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Michael "Padge" Paget On Performing at Download Pilot (VIDEO)

Bullet For My Valentine recently headlined one of the first metal festivals back from the pandemic, Download Pilot. Padge joined Talk Toomey and host Joshua Toomey to discuss getting back on stage after 18 months. He discusses being super nervous, though it was an experience he'll never forget. Padge also talks the post show depression as the band essentially went home right after playing a massive show.

Listen to the full podcast - talk-toomey.simplecast.com/episodes/michael-padge-paget-bullet-for-my-valentine

Watch the full video - knotfest.com/exclusive-interviews/michael-paget-bullet-for-my-valentine-talks-upcoming-album-download-pilot-and-reflects-on-the-poison/