BLACK PATH - Release New Single "Barren Conflagration"

Greek Progressive Death Metal outfit, BLACK PATH have released a new single "Barren Conflagration".

“Black Path” is a Death Metal band from Greece influenced by several music genres such as Progressive, Melodic and Technical Death Metal. Formed as an idea at the summer of 2009 and a few months after as a music existence, after a lot of sound and member changes, the band came to its current personal sound and line-up.
At September 29th of 2011 the first demo track called “Bloodshed” was released and “Black Path” gained many positive comments about their music from music fans to more experienced people like Ed Veter (Infidel Amsterdam). The band’s second release was “Born Underground” on February 2012 which had equally great responses.

Black Path released the EP "Dominion In Pain" in 18th of September 2013. It already got great reviews from sites and magazines like Metal Hammer and Heavy Metal (GR) and Rock Hard (GR) as well as global metal sites and radios.

On July 20th 2017, the band's first Full length "Final act: Martyr" was released.