ARTIFICIAL ALIENS - Bet On Themselves With “Start Again”

Idaho Post-Hardcore metal act Artificial Aliens just dropped their heavy new single “Start Again.” On the track, the band tackles the troubles of being an independent band coming up from the bottom.

“'Start Again' is about doing everything we possibly can to make a name for ourselves, even if some people may not like it,” explains vocalist Cesar Ceja. “We’re not going to stop doing what we do, we will always push forward.”

The single, produced by Brogun Allen (Nightowl Studios), shows Artificial Aliens at the height of what they do: making heavy, hook-filled melodic hardcore tracks.

Artificial Aliens is all too familiar with the sacrifices made to be in a band these days, and hope “Start Again” can give other bands the encouragement to power through the tough times.

“The true inspiration for this song came from playing shows for 3 people but treating it like a sold out show, being extremely limited on finances but willing to lose a job to go on tour, all the things we've been through and everything we will go through to be where we want to be,” says Ceja. “Our hope for this single is to make our voices loud enough to be heard, as well as felt. We know there are people out there who feel the same passion about their craft and they should know that they aren’t alone going through the pros and cons of what it takes to make your dreams a reality.”

Listen to the single "Start Again" now on Spotify.