AL1CE - Explore the Darker Side of Love and Reality in Their New Song "Electrical"

Los Angeles, CA-based Alternative/Rock artists AL1CE release their music video for their song "Electrical".

"Electrical" is the first song that came to be from AL1CE's upcoming album “As Above, So Below.” The song was written by the band while on tour the summer of 2019. The music video was a vision of the band and visual effects artist Clint Carney who has worked on movies such as Gone Girl, The Coverfield Paradox, and Dry Blood. Clint came up with the storyline of the animated robots in the cave for the music video. As in the allegory of Plato’s cave, the robots represent the call to find truth in the world of illusion. The tethered chains from the robots play into the over-arching theme of “As Above, So Below” in the breaking of chains and finding of freedom. Vocalist Tash Cox provides more insight into the song and video.

The “Electrical” release, art created in the peak of the pandemic, is an amalgamation of blood, sweat, tears, hope, and above all else, LOVE. While the song itself tells the story of a darker side of love and reality, the creation itself channels the energy, talent, and passion of our little AL1CE family. We are beyond grateful to have had a chance to make this collaborative art with our collective creative family, and we’re thrilled to get to share this piece with our community who continues to be so loving and supportive. Big shoutout to our Mad Hatters army….ya’ll make this all oh so meaningful and oh so worth it!!

The music video for "Electrical" can be seen below.

AL1CE blends elements of electronic, dark wave, and progressive rock, with surrealistic and fantastic imagery, to create a dreamy, intimate, dark yet cathartic experience for fans. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s concept of embarking on a journey “through the looking glass”, AL1CE’s music explores universal themes of the sacred feminine and masculine, yin and yang, challenges and transcendence... the Unity of Opposites. Fans have described AL1CE’s performances as “energetic and beautiful”, “diverse, engaging and heartfelt”, “dark, yet uplifting”, “some of the best live-instrument performances I’ve ever seen” and “goosebumps good”.

Based in Los Angeles, AL1CE prides itself on a dynamic & immersive live experience. Highlights include headlining the Anime Expo Convention (an international anime festival, with over 100k yearly attendants), representing the U.S. State Department as cultural envoys to Uzbekistan and Algeria, performing annually at the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball (North America’s largest masked event), and extensively touring throughout North America. When COVID hit in 2020, AL!CE managed to pivot almost completely to a virtual world; their series of live streams called the "1NSIDE/OUT Virtual tour" lasted throughout most of the year. Doing so enabled them to start really building up their online fan community called the "Mad Hatters".