ADAM BJÖRK - Release Drum Cover Of SLAUGHTER OF PREVAIL's "Zavali Ebalo"

Amazingly talented drummer Adam Björk, from Katrineholm, Sweden, has released a new drum cover video of SLAUGHTER OF PREVAIL's "Zavali Ebalo". Once again a pleasure to watch!

He commented:

"It’s finally time for another Slaughter To Prevail cover, I made a cover in 2017 on one of their songs called HELL and the response I got on that one is out of this world. huge thanks for all the nice words on that one.

Many of you guys have wanted me to cover another STP song and as soon I heard this one was I sure I would cover it. Fun fact is that I learned the song in two days and was going to practice it during day three of my learning process, but I felt decent ready and tried to record it and this is what I got! Had a blast as always even though it was no air left in my studio (in cas you were wondering...) Hope you guys enjoy this one, feel free to leave a comment, I try to answer all the comments I see.

This is a one-take recording, as always."