VILLA MORTA - Unleash Furious Second Single "Bloodlust" Feat. Dylan Gillies-Parsons of GRAVEMIND

Melbourne metal outfit, Villa Morta, have joined forces with Gravemind's Dylan Gillies-Parsons on their brutal new offering entitled "Bloodlust". "Bloodlust" marks the second to drop from upcoming 'Subvert' EP - due out Friday July 26.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Polaris), Bloodlust is a furious offering that takes inspiration from the movie Elysium in which a world divide is explored where power and wealth rule.

"Bloodlust" exclusively premiered at Maniacs yesterday, where vocalist and creative mastermind Masa Myer explained: "Fame, power and greed are attributes deeply embedded within societies that are reproduced through capitalism and unequal opportunities. The themes that are explored in Cryptex, Bloodlust and the rest our EP, Subvert, are used to highlight and question our way of thinking about the different paradigms that govern ourselves and the world, with the hope that it allows us to progress together with a greater understanding and compassion for each other."

Previous single "Cryptex" premiered at triple j's The Racket and made its video debut at KillYourStereo, who also revealed the details of the cryptex mission. "Cryptex" lead the way towards 'Subvert' with a physical journey to seek answers and reap a reward. Five unlockable cryptex boxes were hidden in locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmania and listeners were encouraged to crack the codes using hints from the music video for a very limited reward and an early preview of "Bloodlust".

To celebrate Villa Morta's upcoming extended release, the band are launching 'Subvert' to a Iive audience on Saturday July 31 at Melbourne's The Workers Club. Supporting Villa Morta will be Wake The Blind, Cerement and Blood On My Hands - tickets available through Oztix.

Josh Morrissy (vocals), Masa Myer (guitar/vocals), Tom Clarke (drums) and Thomas Campbell (bass) are the quartet that make up Villa Morta. Villa meaning house and Morta meaning death, signifying in this sense a spiritual home and a place we find ourselves when we die. The members have found inspiration and influence through a fascination with the mysteries of life.

Villa Morta intend to continue exploring these themes and ideas in their message and vision, while in conjunction pushing their musical sound into new territories.

"Bloodlust" featuring Dylan Gillies-Parsons and "Cryptex" are out now. 'Subvert' will be available Friday July 23.