THE KANZ - Release Video For New Single "Borderline"

Exciting electro-pop punk trio THE KANZ continue their rising trajectory with the launch of their anthemic new single, Borderline, which is out now. Watch the video below!

THE KANZ reside in London, however, the make-up of the band reaches far further. Delightfully distinct, charismatic vocalist/guitarist Fabio Nania was born in Northern Italy, while bassist Joaquin Antonio Ramirez hails from Brazil, and drummer Jan originates from Switzerland. This multi-cultural diversity only helps to broaden THE KANZ’s unique outlook on life and art. Ever since their inception in 2018, THE KANZ have consistently delivered high-octane shows throughout the nation’s capital. Although the band’s music has often been described as "Stadium-Punk Rock Music", THE KANZ have a strong affection for intimate shows which allow their rampant energy and vitality to transmit to their audience. This sensory all-consuming experience is just one of the key factors that tightly bonds the group with their ever-growing fanbase.

In taking inspiration from US pop-punk culture, electronic techno dubstep sound designing, and sci-fi futuristic cyberpunk stylings, the Londoners have shaped a sound that is a mashed-up genre born by the influence of punk, alternative rock and electronic music of the 90's and 00's. The trio’s debut single, Relativism, landed in March 2019 with a successful premiere via Punktastic. This was followed by their next single, Just Panic, which notched up more than 16K views on YouTube in just two weeks. The same year their Spotify following grew exponentially, and since then, THE KANZ have dropped a further eight singles, and music videos.

THE KANZ will now rise from the underground with their most enticing track to date. Borderline is a captivating piece of contemporary pop-punk with a hook that hangs in the air for eons. Backed by intriguing electronica and infinite groove, the song is destined to shine brightly. Fabio Nania comments about the single: “‘Borderline’ is an anthem of personal rebellion spiced up with some subtle pop punk irony”. Fabio goes on to remark about the track’s subject matter: “The message is simple: Humans are complex creatures, and you can't really categorise them all in one box by saying some people are good and some people are bad. We are who we are, with our good sides and bad sides. We are Borderline, we like it this way!”