takeoffyourpants! - Present New Single "Nefret"

Turkish Metalcore outfit, takeoffyourpants! have released a new single "Nefret" along with the lyric video, off the upcoming EP “Neden”.

takeoffyourpants! is a Metalcore/Post-Hardcore/Electronic project from Edirne, Turkey seeking to bring the fun and energetic side of the Post-Hardcore sound back into the scene with electronica infused breakdowns, clean vocals and br00tal screams. We recorded our first EP “F.M.L.” with producer Lucy Christo in Seattle, WA which was well recieved among the community. After the release of “F.M.L.” we started writing in English to have a more international appeal and started working on our first full length release, the album which came to be called “Revived” was intended to be a demo to showcase our music and help us get traction outside of our community. The Album was released on May 19th, 2020. takeoffyourpants! is currently a one man band, and an EP called “What The F**k” was released on January 16th and it is the highest quality release to date, there will be more so stay tuned!