REALITY SUITE - Release New Live Video "Kiss The Ring"

New Jersey Modern Rockers, Reality Suite have released a live music video for "Kiss The Ring".

Formed in North Haledon, New Jersey by childhood friends Brian King (drums,) Antonio Valenti (bass,) and Joe Padula (guitars) – their ambitions have been to produce heavy, melodic rock. After several male and female vocalists, Kimmii Heart had joined in 2013 establishing the definitive line-up known today worldwide.

In September of 2015, the self-produced debut full length ”Skinn” was released. A unique sound to global rock fans, it was secretly a greatest hits album capitalizing on Reality Suite’s most popular songs from previous EPs. MPire Magazine declared, “Skinn is a damned near perfect piece of rock, one that incorporates the old and new in the right balance."

After an aggressive band managed social media campaign, there have been pleas from male and female supporters of all ages requesting the New Jersey based band to perform in their cities and countries. Several continents are represented by fans posting photos with their “Skinn” CD, wearing Reality Suite t-shirts, posting screenshots while streaming tracks and videos of themselves singing their songs. “When recording “Skinn,” we didn’t know if anyone was going to care about it," Brian told WDHA 105.5FM DJ, Lidsay Klein in an interview. "We knew about 12 friends that would be interested, that was it. Months after its release, we are constantly receiving praise from fans around the world. It is so fulfilling. It is truly driving us to take our new album to the next level.”

In May of 2018, Reality Suite released the original Awaken EP. Brian King revealed in an interview with "The songs "Grave" and "Cut, Burn, Bruise" may be closest to defining what "Awaken" is all about. During the writing for what became "Awaken," Kimmii and I realized most of what we were writing lyrics about were losing loved ones. Each of us in the band had lost someone in the last two years. I lost my mother in 2016 to lung cancer - which spawned the song "Cut, Burn Bruise." Kimmii lost a close family friend which inspired "Grave." Antonio lost his mother and Joe had lost an Aunt in 2017 - so, as much as "Grave" and "Cut" are about missing a loved one, in the context with the other songs - "Awaken" becomes an album about recovery and rebirth......leaving the pain behind and moving on."

Feminist rock webzine FemMetal commented on the December 2019 video for "Grave,"- commented "Art remains the strongest of weapons to fight back against brutal attempts to shape a world in way that fits misogynists. Reality Suite has grabbed that sword and is waving it relentlessly in the face of close-minded and sexist parts of the society. Watch their latest music video for their single Grave to see them fighting and winning the fight."

As Kimmii sings in "Kiss the Ring" from "Awaken (Deluxe)" - "I don't need you telling me what's right, I've got my own two eyes - I WILL NOT KISS THE RING," Reality Suite have never compromised their vision yet earned the loyalty of fans worldwide. Get a grip on Reality - or get out of the way.