REALITY GREY - Unleashes Shredding Guitar Playthrough For "Preachers of Hatred"

Italy’s Reality Grey's fourth album “Beneath This Crown” was released just this past May via Blood Blast Distribution, powered by Nuclear Blast and Believe Digital. Offering a sonic assault of extreme melodic metal over the course of thirteen relentless tracks, the record follows 2014's "Define Redemption" (Bakerteam/Scarlet Records).

On this new record, fans are treated to the band's “most innovative and modern record we have ever made”. They went beyond everything they have done in the past both musically and lyrically. Reality Grey was able to develop their most experimental side.

"The album has very different feels throughout the track listing; every song is a stand-alone story as we never liked to copy ourselves on and on. The writing process has been heavily influenced by movie soundtracks, especially sci-fi soundtracks,' something that goes beyond a classic heavy metal song. We wanted to get very personal and original with this album and I think we nailed it!” adds the band.

Continuing to support the album's release, Reality Grey guitarists Anto Addabbo and Alberto Pinto are sharing their latest shredding playthrough for "Preacher's of Hatred", the most brutal song on the record; the fast thrash gives way to a groovy and jazzy pre-chorus.

Track Listing: 

1. Legion (Intro) (1:51) 
2. Fade In Fear (4:44) 
3. Kings of Nothing (5:18) 
4. Preachers of Hatred (4:05) 
5. Daybreakers (5:37) 
6. Powerblast (4:09) 
7. Multidimensional Hollow (4:16) 
8. The Fury (4:01) 
9. Dreaming (Feat. Milly Florio from End Of Skyline) (5:13) 
10. Reascent (4:01) 
11. Beneath This Crown (5:28) 
12. Indelible Stains (3:39) 
13. The Void (4:34)