PLAGUESTORM - Unleashes Brand New Music Video "Close To Nowhere"

Today, Argentinian melodic death metal solo artist PLAGUESTORM unleashes his blistering sophomore full length record via Noble Demon. Founded by Sebastián Pastor in early 2014, on "Purifying Fire" PLAGUESTORM continues to spread his blend of sweeping melodies, heavy, dark and melancholic arrangements, while mixing the old and new Scandinavian sound of Death Metal, as if it were based on a Swedish manufacturing standard.

Following Sebastián Pastor’s critically acclaimed releases "Mother of Plagues" (2019) and "Everything's Gone Wrong" (2015), PLAGUESTORM's brand new album offers "lot's of fury and anger but also melancholy and sadness" as Sebastián Pastor states. "The songwriting process started in early 2020. I recorded, mixed and mastered it entirely in my home studio. Regarding the lyrics, I think that this time, I have written some personal things that many people might relate to in these pandemic times."

In support of his new studio album, PLAGUESTORM just shared a video clip for the furious track "Close To Nowhere".

"Purifying Fire“ is out NOW on Noble Demon and will please fans of acts alike Soilwork, At The Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. Get the album HERE.


01. Evolution Towards the Edge 
02. Back to Zero 
03. Purifying Fire
04. Never Learn
05. You Against the World
06. Close to Nowhere
07. No Farewell
08. Blind and Weak
09. Burning Paradise