OTHERWORLDLY ENTITY - Get Sensual &Heavy in "Foreplay" Music Video

Syracuse, NY - Careening through the utmost inner parts of your eardrums and into the meanderings of your amygdala; taking your mind to a place out of this world, OTHERWORLDLY ENTITY is premiering their brand new music video for their track Foreplay. This will be the first release for the nu-metal and hard rock standouts since signing to Nashville-based Curtain Call Records in May. You can catch the premiere live tonight at 8PM Eastern for the dark and sensual music video to Foreplay, off their 2020 album Cataclysm, HERE.

Foreplay, primarily written by OTHERWORLDY ENTITY's guitarist Zlatko Grozl and drummer Taylor Porter, is the third in a story that follows behind tracks You're Not Alone and Sunset from their album Cataclysm -released December 2020 and nominated for a Syracuse Area Music Award. The band had the following to say about their upcoming track Foreplay:

"Foreplay is a song meant to drag you in and pull you under, keeping you on the edge of your seat as the mystery unfolds." Taylor Porter, drummer

"Foreplay is a song that speeds up and no one notices. They feel it. The melody of the song is emotional and erotic." Zlatko Grozl, guitarist

"The song brings out something primal. The beat, the melody, the words, it's all meant to touch the listener at their core." John Harris, vocalist