NOMVDIC - Find a Reason to Live on New Single "Blue Jay"

NOMVDIC (pronounced "nomadic"), a progressive metalcore quartet from Florida, ended 2020 with a monstrous concept album titled Euphoria. Today, the album's closing track "Blue Jay" is treated with a proper music video.

"because it's deeper than just existing, the only thing keeping me alive is wanting to die," screams vocalist James Lewis is closing moments of the magnum opus.

"The idea for this song came from a time in my life (around 2017) when I was at the lowest of lows," says Lewis. "My outlook was so bleak that the world around me had lost all beauty and color, everything was gray. During my worst moment, I was driving my car and daydreaming about my death when suddenly a blue jay flew on the ground in front of me while I was stopped at a light. It was so vibrantly blue and beautiful that color shot out of it, restoring the world around it. It made me cry and realize the beauty of the world, despite my pain. "blue jay" comes out of the rubble of a bleak nihilistic breakdown at the end of the 9th song, '______//', and aims to restore color to the grey of 'giving up', like the blue bird did for me._"

Videographer Evan Draper brings the story to life through a very visual interpretation of entire abum's journey, ending with Lewis pulling himself out of the water he had just decided to drown himself in.

The album Euphoria engages the listener with a dissection of the human psyche. It hits hard before lulling the listener into an ethereal dreamscape, leading up to an emphatic climax. With several massively-memorable moments, it marries the beautiful chaos of Deafheaven with the devastation and relentlessness of Despised Icon. A rewarding experience from front-to-back, the first-week Billboard numbers for “Euphoria” were impressive, hitting #15 for Top New Artist and #12 for Hard Music, and only 3 spots off of Billboard’s prestigious Top 100.

Since 2016, the band has paired the ambiance and gloom of today’s premier black/death metal with catchy metalcore essentials to create a signature style that can’t be tied down to genres. It’s no surprise that NOMVDIC’s recent string of singles have earned acclaim from Spotify’s New Metal Tracks and New Blood playlists and Metal Hammer Magazine, among other tastemakers who have been quick to recognize the young band’s limitless potential.

On the heels of an ambitious touring cycle with popular metal mainstays like The Faceless and Drowning Pool, Euphoria is an LP that showcases their dynamic, emotional transition from NWOAHM-style riffage to a more nuanced, thematically-developed sound. If this growth is any indication of the band’s trajectory, Nomadic’s ominous aura is offset only by their bright, promising future in modern metal.

Listen to the single "Blue Jay" now on Spotify.