MICHAEL ALAGO - Legend In The A&R World Remembers Cliff Burton and Gives His Thoughts on "...And Justice For All" (VIDEO)

Michael Alago is a legend in the A&R world. Michael brought Metallica to Elektra Records in the 80s and changed the course of heavy music. In this clip with Joshua Toomey and Throwback Throwdown, Michael remembers Cliff Burton and his elephant ear bell bottoms and tells a great story about taking Cliff and Lars out to a posh restaurant. He also dives into the trials of making ...And Justice For All and how hard it must have been on Metallica after losing Cliff. 

Watch the full interview as Michael dives into signing Metallica & White Zombie plus details 30 years of the The Black Album - https://knotfest.com/exclusive-interviews/michael-alago-on-signing-metallica-and-white-zombie/