MATT ZANE (SOCIETY 1) - Filming Documentary About Former Bassist DV Karloff

Society 1 founder and lead vocalist Matt Zane is in the process of filming and editing a documentary about recently deceased former bassist DV Karloff entitled "The Altered Noise". The short film, which will be comprised of archived footage from the band’s history as well as new interviews with band members and friends, will focus on Karloff's 15 years in Hollywood.

"His life really was interesting, regardless if you're a fan or not. He was this young guy from the corn fields of Indiana that came out to Hollywood and within eight months he's touring the world and that was just the beginning of the story" said Zane

The movie follows Karloff through various phases of his career, which spanned between his two main bands, Society 1 and Sin Quirin's 3 Headed Snake. It also touches upon his incredibly successful profession as a tattoo artist that saw him inking up celebrities such as Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Steve-O.

"Probably the most interesting thing about the film is that a subplot emerged about the band KISS. DV absolutely loved KISS, and as I pieced together all the different portions of his life, KISS was there from the beginning to the end in one interesting way or another."

The film will debut at Karloff's Hollywood tribute memorial and then be made available to view on-line the next day. The date of the premiere showing has yet to be announced, but is expected to be within the next two months.

Zane closes his thoughts about the project saying, "The craziest thing about all this is that DV always told me he wasn't going to make it past 50 years old. We used to talk about the film I was in charge of making about his life after he left, because I had the most footage of him. We would always joke about it. The last time we discussed it he's going to be FUCKING cool!"