MALRUN - Present Their Second Single "King of Madness"

Following up on their first single 'The Punishment', Aarhus-based quintet MALRUN now present 'King of Madness'. On the coming full-length album, 'Pandemonium' you can expect the band to take a step further in a heavier and more aggressive and progressive direction, which is perfectly showcased by the new single:

“'King of Madness' starts out as a hands-high-on-the-handlebars rock ‘n roll kind of riff, but quickly transforms into a punch-in-the-face aggressive verse with growl vocals inspired by the rhythm and timing typically associated with rap vocals. Lyrically, the song is about a mad king who reigns ferociously with destructive control of his people – a lyrical theme that permeates the album as a whole”, vocalist Nicklas Sonne explains.

Since forming back in 2006, MALRUN has released three critically acclaimed albums; Beauty in Chaos (2010), The Empty Frame (2012) and Two Thrones (2014), while touring extensively throughout Europe sharing the stage with bands such as Tremonti (US), Fozzy (US) and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (DE). After a line-up change, adding new lead singer Nicklas Sonne to the band, and a five-year writing hiatus, MALRUN are now back with a brand new album, which offers 11 forcefully heavy yet melodic songs, that epitomize the expression the quintet has strived to achieve these past years. The band has had full control of the entire process from writing the album all the way to mixing and mastering, which has been done by Nicklas Sonne at Sonne Studios.

The new single 'King of Madness' is already available on all streaming services.