ISOLATE - Release New Single Video "Phantasm"

UK Metalcore outfit, ISOLATE have released a new single and music video "Phantasm".

Isolate encapsulates the feeling of drowning in one’s own mind, their music, lyrics and visuals combine to create a world within their songs. Unadulterated lows, Overwhelming highs. Their music embodies the soundscape of a tortured soul, tormented by his own inner monologue. Bringing light to issues such as Anxiety, Depression, and many other mental health issues. Isolate are a four piece Post-Metalcore band combining elements of Metalcore, Deathcore, Djent and Post-Hardcore, creating a unique sound layered with ambient, atmospheric synth.

Hailing from Leeds, Isolate formed in 2018 releasing their debut EP "Koi No Umi" to great success in their local area. With the release of their sophomore EP "Break Point" in October 2019, they have gone from strength to strength gaining followers all over the globe with their music, reaching over 20,000 new fans and over 160,000 streams across platforms since its release.

Isolate is for the confined. Isolate is for the fractured. Isolate is for anyone lost within themselves.