HELLDRIFTER - Signs Digital Distribution Deal With Nuclear Blast‘s Blood Blast Distribution

The German death metal unit, Helldrifter has signed a digital distribution deal with Nuclear Blast‘s Blood Blast Distribution, for the release of their upcoming album that will be announced very soon.

Helldrifter is a death metal band from Stuttgart southern Germany, with some influences from thrash and melodic death metal. It is heavily inspired by death metal giants such as Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Death, and At The Gates. The music can go from straight thrash to more complex death metal parts, when the melodies are present it can take you to harmonic paths that remind bands such as Children Of Bodom or even Dark Tranquillity. The band's lyrical themes are focused mostly on mysticism, sociological issues, horror movies, and video games, with a heavy dose of surrealism.

Take a listen to their first single, released in 2019 below!