HE COMES LATER - Share New Single "Absence" Feat. Tronko Of IFMT

Italian Deathcore outfit, He Comes Later have released a new single and lyric video "Absence" feat. Tronko from IFMT, taken from the new EP "Abyssal Remembrances", out today! 

Stream the EP on Spotify!

He Comes Later is a deathcore band from Bologna, Italy. The name refers to the fact that the band could not find a vocalist for so many years. In 2014 they released their first 4 track ep. One year later they released their second ep “Adam: The Decay”: 8 deathcore tracks with synths and electronic sound. The concept was about the weaknesses and sufferance of a man with no name, called Adam after the Biblical character, the first man on the Earth. He decides to commit suicide in the end. In 2018, after three years of hard work, He Comes Later released their first official album “Cognizance”, a concept album about a near death experience: this time the main character is unknown and he tries to kill himself, but he does not die. On the contrary, it starts an unearthly journey across a new dimension, and he suffers, heals, and meets an ethereal identity. The aim of this journey is to love the gift of life again. “Cognizance” appeared in the “Rock Hard” Italian magazine as the underground album of the week. You can also find two music videos for “Atonement” and “Despondency”, taken from “Cognizance” on Youtube. He Comes Later don’t like to define themselves as an ordinary deathcore band. They love to experiment, to look for new sounds through ambient and electronic atmospheres.

During years, the band played with many important bands, both Italian and international, as: Despite Exile, BeyondCreation, Traitors, BlackTongue, Aegaeon, MyAutumn, Imminence…