FRANKLIN ZOO - Present New Single "The Fugitive"

Drawing inspiration from the creative and expressive music scene of former decades while still providing a contemporary, progressive and dynamic feel, like the one found in artists such as Tool, Deftones and Opeth, Danish progressive hard-rock quintet FRANKLIN ZOO are getting ready to release their coming full-length LP 'The Dandelion Child'. Today they present their second single off the album, 'The Fugitive':

“'The Fugitive' is about the Kierkegaardian esthetician - The Don Juan, who mindlessly wanders through life while consuming others because of life’s meaninglessness and the mindless hunt for dopamine. Nihilism becomes a convenient view, responsibility becomes what’s missing, a fugitive is what he becomes from himself. The song is basically about the reasons for people living for weekends on cocaine and sex", the band muses.

Through the years the quintet has released two full-length albums: ‘Untamed’ (2013) and ‘Red Skies’ (2016) and some critically acclaimed EP’s and singles along the way. All activities were naturally backed with lengthy tours, miscellaneous gigs, appearances in musical showcases as well as part of national and international festivals. The coming album ‘The Dandelion Child’ is set to be released in the fall of 2021 and singles from the album are being released in bursts throughout the summer, accompanied by gigs along the way.

The new single ‘The Fugitive’ is already available on all streaming services.