FLESHBORE - New Album 'Embers Gathering' Set for August 13 Release on Innerstrength Records

Indianapolis (IN) - Tech-Death crew FLESHBORE will release full-length debut album Embers Gathering on August 13 on Innerstrength Records. The official video for the title track is available now below!

Embers Gathering is a redefining of the band's sound, with years of calculated work put into refining the songs. The result is an album filled with ear catching riffs, accompanied with lyrics that relate to personal life events, meeting and overcoming obstacles, and the perspective earned through these experiences.

FLESHBORE recorded the album with Jackson Ward at Strata Recording. Luciferium War Graphics was also recruited to create the visual representation of the album artwork, as well as a new logo that has evolved with the new sound.

Track Listing:

1. Momentum 
2. Careless Preacher 
3. Cynicism 
4. The Scourge 
5. Embers Gathering 
6. Revivified 
7. One Thousand Hands