EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE : BLOOD OF THE PHOENIX - Premiere New Single "Signs of War"

Modern Metal outfit, BLOOD OF THE PHOENIX are premiering below their new single "Signs of War", taken from the upcoming EP "From What We Used To Know", out July 2nd, 2021.

"Signs of War was written as a release of frustration. It was also the first song that was written instrumentally. I had found myself in a situation where I felt really betrayed and thrown under the bus because it was the easier thing to do. I changed myself over and over, and bent my own morals to suit what was being asked of me, but was made to wear the blame in the end." - Jess Escobar


1. Signs Of War 
2. Searching For A Destination 
3. Lady Of The Plagued

Indie metal band Blood of the Phoenix rises to the top of the ranks with their shocking dynamic vocal style, powerful storytelling and robust instrumentation. Drawing inspiration from early 2000s Metalcore, the band has created their niche pocket in the hardcore genre. This five-piece ensemble consists of Jess Escobar as lead vocalist, Bradley Hart & Manny Marwaha on guitar, Jade Weekes on bass, and Nolan Moore on the drums. At its inception, Nolan and Bradley met in recovery on the downtown Vancouver eastside, struggling with personal addictions. During this process, they created a bond that would come full circle to the creation of Blood of the Phoenix. The name was directly inspired by each of the bandmate's life experiences where they rose from the ashes and reinvented themselves. Their upcoming debut EP "From What We Used To Know" explores the darkness and healing within judgment, rejection, loss and addiction. Throughout the pandemic, the band produced, recorded and wrote everything off of their new EP independently. They have also been featured in Star Pow-R's "A Very Metal Christmas", LockFest 2020, and Fallen Fest. Blood of the Phoenix is not your average metal band, they are a new age genre with a massive future ahead of them.


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