écru - Stream New EP "Wherever You Are"

German Alternative Post-Rock outfit, écru is streaming their new EP "Wherever You Are".

Get the EP: https://linktr.ee/ecru


1. Mannequin
2. Insomniac 
3. Petrichor 
4. Of Soaring Hopes And Reaching Lows 
5. Lyer 
6. Wherever You Are

Originally when ÉCRU was founded in 2017, they played mostly hardcore music. Very emotional, very dramatic and also very raw songs with a lot of screaming. From 2017 to 2019 they played a lot of shows in Germany, recorded 2 EPs and a single, met wonderful people that became close friends, gained lots of experience for them as musicians and of course partied a lot. Today, they are a little bit more grown up and most of the roughness and the screaming have disappeared from thei music. However, there are a few seconds of screaming on their recent EP.

'Wherever You Are' is probably their most grown-up work as a band to date. It's very melodic and dramatic, atmospheric with a lot of beat, sometimes raw, but never loses its melody. The six songs sound refreshing and coherent as a whole.