DISTANT - Stream New Album "Aeons Of Oblivion"

Dutch Downtempo/Deathcore outfit, DISTANT is streaming below their new album "Aeons of Oblivion", out today via Unique Leader Records. 


1. Pandemonium 
2. Hellmøuth 
3. Temple of Taglaroth (feat. Mendel Bij De Leij) 
4. Aeons of Oblivion (feat. Adam Warren of Oceano) 
5. Graveborn 
6. The Offering 
7. Oedipism 
8. Dawn of Corruption (feat. Jason Evans of Ingested) 
9. Cryogenesis (feat. Lochie Keogh of Alpha Wolf) 
10. The Void 
11. The Eternal Lament 
12. Dusk of Anguish (feat. John Robert C of The Last Ten Seconds of Life) 
13. Cyklus 
14. Rakva 
15. Vermilion Rivers 
16. Hull of Crows 
17. The Tyrrant's Covenant (feat. Kyle Anderson of Brand of Sacrifice) 
18. Maledictus 
19. Argent Debt (Remixed)