BILLY BOY IN POISON - Present Hard-Hitting Single Feat. CABAL

Combining melodic elements and memorable choruses with raw aggression, Copenhagen-based BILLY BOY IN POISON offer a unique take on death metal with a modern, razor-sharp sound. Today the quintet present one of their heaviest tracks from the coming album - their third single 'White Hills'. Featuring guest vocals by Andreas Bjulver of rising stars CABAL, this track is a heavy-hitter. Watch the haunting music video above.

”'White Hills' is one of the heaviest tracks on album with a bit of deathcore vibe to it. While all of the melodic choruses and catchy parts are nice, sometimes you just want to pummel the listener, and that’s what 'White Hills' is for. The track proudly features Andreas Bjulver from our awesome countrymen in CABAL to add to the sinister sound", the band explains.

On the coming full-length album 'Umbra', the band has worked with renowned sound engineer and producer Chris Kreutzfeldt (MØL, Cabal, Ghost Iris) to create a modern soundscape with a stronger focus on songwriting and memorability. 'Umbra' is set to be released on September 10 through Prime Collective.

The single ‘White Hills (feat. CABAL)' is already available on all streaming services.