VOLA - Release Epic Video For New Song "These Black Claws"

VOLA presents the fourth track in front of the band’s new studio album 'Witness' planned for global release on May 21. The song titled 'These Black Claws' features American rapper SHAHMEN, and the accompanying video can be viewed below!

Drummer Adam Janzi shares: "With 'These Black Claws', we explore the dark and menacing subject of addiction. To further build on this atmosphere, we chose to collaborate with American rapper SHAHMEN. This is our first ever feature with VOLA, which makes it a special occasion for us.

The music video was shot in Denmark, Sweden & Finland by three different film crews due to the ongoing pandemic and us not being able to come together. This was quite challenging to pull off! We are excited it worked out in the end and hope you will enjoy the song and video."

The genre-welding Danish-Swedish quartet VOLA previously presented '24 Light-Years' which can be viewed HERE and “Straight Lines” which can be viewed HERE. 'Straight Lines' is approaching 750,000 streams on Spotify, while the video has been viewed 250,000 times on YouTube. Singer-guitarist Asger Mygind shares, “Imagine someone being on the run from the authorities. It is becoming increasingly hard for this person to hide, which ‘running low on straight lines’ can be seen as a metaphor. He/she can’t just choose the direct route but has to be creative to escape. Once again, we worked with the Finnish director duo Riivata Visuals, to bring our music to life visually and invite you on an adventure.”

The release of “Head Mounted Sideways” is approaching 1.2M streams, with over 190,000 YouTube views. The lead track continues to build an expansive global footprint, and can be previewed here. Cumulative streams for VOLA repertoire is approaching 18 million plays.

The Scandinavian sensations are among the most exciting talent to emerge from Europe in recent years, their complex narratives blend with crushing riffs and a sonic sophistication. Heavy/quiet and dark/light combine with elements of tech-metal, progressive alt-rock, electronica, and stadium-sized choruses. Like the boldest acts – Tool, Mars Volta, Radiohead, Ghost, Muse, Faith No More – their sound transcends traditional rock and metal boundaries and dares to be brave.

They have blazed a trail across Europe selling out venues along the way with rooms bursting to capacity, their sound barely contained, with standout festival performances also bringing them wider attention. This has led to them picking up supporters from BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio and Rock Sound magazine. Metal Hammer bowed down to their “weighty riffs, gloomy, ambient soundscapes and guttural grooves,” and the UK’s biggest newspaper The Sun were in awe of their “genre-mashing” ability. The band produced the album and was mixed and mastered by the Grammy-nominated Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, The Black Dahlia Murder). Fans include Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy alongside Trivium’s Matt Heafy and Paulo Gregoletto. VOLA are Asger Mygind (vocals/guitar), Martin Werner (keys), Nicolai Mogensen (bass) and Adam Janzi (drums). Formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, they were inspired by bands such as Meshuggah, Opeth and Massive Attack, but create something uniquely theirs. They explore narratives which have examined the idea of being trapped in mental mazes on debut Inmazes (2016), the evolution of human relationships on Applause of a Distant Crowd (2018) and now, Witness is about failed relationships, on a societal scale—the friction between leaders and followers.

Always evocative, VOLA hold the listener close, observing the journey unfold and pulling you deeper within the rabbit hole.


1. Straight Lines 
2. 24 Light-Years 
3. These Black Claws (feat. SHAHMEN) 
4. Freak 
5. Napalm 
6. Future Bird 
7. Stone Leader Falling Down 
8. Inside Your Fur 
9. Head Mounted Sideways

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