THROUGH THE OCULUS - Release Crushing New Video "Order Of The Eye"

CA-based Through The Oculus is a relatively new band, but that hasn't stopped them from making a huge impact in a short amount of time. Comprised of lead vocalist Sarah Gamblin, guitarist / vocalist Randy Blount, bassist Lauren Weatherford and drummer Eric Freeman, this four-piece powerhouse explores the spaces between melodic death metal, hard rock and classic heavy metal with a unique creative imprint that is very much their own.

Their latest music video "Order Of The Eye" (premiering May 7th at 12pm EST on Decibel Magazine) is a high octane preview of what you can expect from the bands live show, equal parts raw fury and controlled chaos. Vocalist Sarah Gamblin cuts through the tightly executed riffs with a guttural vocal presence that eschews obvious comparisons, while guitarist Randy Blount showcases his serpentine guitar style that manages to sound angular and menacing without losing any of it's technical elegance. A strong performance from bassist Lauren Weatherford and drummer Eric Freeman propels the song forward at breakneck speeds without ever feeling off the rails - lending a crushing sense of heaviness and firmly anchoring the tune. Fans of In Flames, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy and At The Gates will all find something to love here.

"'Order Of The Eye' is our 'fight the system' song." the band explains to Decibel Magazine "The 'system' in particular is religious oppression. While we all have no opposition towards people having and practicing their chosen religion, we do oppose people forcing or harming others with those beliefs. The song is an ode to those who have been persecuted and tormented by people who claim their hatred and evil acts were all in the name of good or religious enlightenment. That those affected, their pain and suffering, will not be forgotten."

Through The Oculus has recently signed with LA based Metal Assault Records. The label will be releasing the band's self-titled full-length album, TTO, on CD and digital platforms on June 4 2021. Pre-orders for the CD and merch bundles are available for purchase now via Bandcamp.