THE WRING - Stream New Album “Project Cipher”

Canada's The Wring will be releasing the new album “The Wring² Project Cipher” on Friday, May 28th. Founded by guitarist Don Dewulf, the studio project's full length has something for everyone across the spectrums of classic heavy metal to progressive rock and features a lineup of guests that includes Marc Bonilla (Keith Emerson Band, California Transit Authority, Glenn Hughes), Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats, Dethklok, Steve Vai), Thomas Lang (Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams), Jason Henrie, and Jason Sadites.

“The Wring² Project Cipher” is seven songs with one instrumental and six vocal tracks and is highly recommended for fans of Rush, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, and The Dead Daisies.

Before the album officially drops, The Wring has teamed up with TheProgSpace for the record's full stream HERE.

Don Dewulf adds:

"I wrote a majority of the music. Marc Bonilla (vocals) tweaked words here and there to suit his phrasing and ‘melodic acquisition’. A friend of mine, Steve Kraus, wrote the lyrics for one of the songs. He is very verbose so I chopped and modded, but the brilliance is his. All the players on this album are diverse and really complement each other and the overall vibe. I find this album has enough proggy stuff for the geeks, but still plenty of melodies and rock riffery for the regular heavy music listener. For now, The Wring is a studio project and will remain that way for the immediate future. If I can assemble some players, I would love to take this to the live stage. I like to also mention, I have another full album of material in the works! Thank you for your support and please keep continuing to follow us for more music."

“The Wring² Project Cipher” will be out on May 28, 2021.

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Track Listing: 

1. The Light (4:10) 
2. Sorceress (4:44) 
3. Cipher (4:29) 
4. Steelier (4:25) 
5. Dissension (4:08) 
6. Dose (3:27) 
7. Touch (4:29)