PROSPECTIVE - Drop Aggressive New Single Video “Deadman”

Italian Progressive Metalcore outfit, Prospective have shared the video for the new aggressive single “Deadman”.

Mental health acceptance, illness, and therapy, Prospective’s brand new single ‘Deadman’ brings you into the mind of singer Pietro Serratore. “The lyrics came out after I had one of the worst years of my life” says frontman Pietro — “Being locked in, alone and far away from my friends and the band, away from stages and music. Along with that my father had been diagnosed with cancer and that has been by far the worst thing that could’ve happened in my life. Luckily he fought and he’s doing very well now, man... I really needed something to keep me going on and to not give up. Like a deadman is secured to the ground to provide anchorage I needed someone to grab me to not fall into the void. I started going to therapy to learn how to overtake my thoughts and worries and to find a place where I felt free to speak without any limits. I think we should all stop thinking of therapy as something for “weirdos”, it can be really helpful and it has helped me a lot so far“.

The new song hits heavy and straight to the point and for the very first time singer Pietro Serratore found himself writing the most personal lyrics. He continues “I’ve never really been into writing in the band, as Luca and Flavio do the most of it and they come out with some impressive stuff. I am lucky to be finally able to express myself in our songs through my voice and lyrics. These new songs are stories that I needed to tell for myself just as much as for those who might need to hear ‘em”.

Produced and mixed by drummer Flavio Cacciari and mixed/mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Dealer, Polaris), ‘Deadman’ is the first new material following 2020’s album ‘All We Have’ who already amassed over a million plays across DSP.

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Prospective — 5 piece metalcore band from Italy, delivers heavy-bones breaker riffs juxtaposed to a technical flair. The group earned substantial momentum with their 2020’s album All We Have debuting n.1 on iTunes Metal Chart and amassing 1 million+ Spotify streams and 500k+ views on YouTube highlighted by tracks “Against All Odds”, “Alone I Stand”, “Kill Me”. Prospective appear ready to face their bright future head on. So far, the band has shared stages with genre favorites such as Northlane, Polaris, Bad Omens.