NOTHING NOBLE - Present Unrelenting Third Single "Risen"

After the successful releases of their first two singles 'Bond of Blood (feat. Brendan Murphy) and 'Eternal Change' - being added to official playlists, receiving airplay on radio stations such as Kerrang! Radio and Total Rock as well as being featured in Kerrang! 'Now Hear This', the Copenhagen-based progressive metalcore outfit NOTHING NOBLE now present their unrelenting third single 'Risen' - watch the music video above.

“Our third single starts out animated and assertive with one of our definitively most bouncy riffs to date. The song progresses into unrelenting syncopation and intrusive vocals before the immense and incessant chorus asserts it’s zealous clutch. Of course it wouldn’t be a Nothing Noble song without a devastating, intricate breakdown", the band muses.

The coming sophomore album ‘Modern Dismay’, which has been produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL, MØL, Ghost Iris), is an exhibition of excessively groovy and deliciously dissonant, disgusting riffs and catchy choruses, added guest performances by prominent vocalists from the international metal scene (COUNTERPARTS/END, MØL, a.o.). The full-length is set to be released on August 6 through Prime Collective.

‘Risen’ is already available on all streaming services.

1. (of doom) 
2. Modern Dismay 
3. Bond of Blood (feat. Brendan Murphy) 
4. Rotting Away 
5. As Shadows Grow Long 
6. Black Earth 
7. Torn Asunder (feat. MØL) 
8. Carnation 
9. Eternal Change 
10. Risen 
11. Essence 
12. A Breath of the Dirt 
13. The Path to Peace