NONPOINT - Share Third Video Vlog

Nu-Metal outfit, Nonpoint has shared the third vlog episode recorded in January/February 2020.

LOCKDOWN! The final episode is upon us and it’s a wild ride to say the least. We can see how the band scrambles to get artwork done and how to traversing borders to do so as borders start to lockdown. Thats right, this episode drops the pandemic news that rocks the band and its plans to its foundation. But will we rise like the Phoenix from the flames or fall victim to the monster that was 2020? Episode 3, “A Ruthless Year,” has your answers and even dates when to hear and see Ruthless for yourself. So it’s a perfect cherry on the Nonpoint scoop. Before we wrap this all up, Nonpoint wants to thank our amazing team and big shout to the director, creator and editor of the documentary @francescaludikar for her amazing work on it. Rob Ruccia at @uptownrecordingstudio for his assistance with sound and the band for strapping in for this rollercoaster of a year and working hard preparation for this and the upcoming season. Finally to our 361 family, thank you for your undying support and we hope you are as proud of our efforts as we are to name our label after yours. 2021 is about to get RUTHLESS! If you’ve missed any of our episodes you can find them here or on YouTube if you’re looking for an easy playlist option.