MIRRORS - Release Crushing New Single "Beneath The Sand" and Announce Signing To Resist Records

Gippsland native's Mirrors are returning to the musical spotlight to unveil their crushing new single "Beneath The Sand" and are accompanying their return with the announcement of their signing to Resist Records.

"Beneath The Sand" marks the first release to drop via Resist Records and takes production credits from a top tier collection of contributors. The single was produced and engineered by Scottie Simpson and mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Polaris).

"Beneath The Sand" is a shift towards more dense, atmospheric landscapes, backed by thunderous yet intricate groove work and seeks to explore the dynamic ranges of the band members’ instruments as far as possible. The single explores facing up to the consequences of ones own actions. The band highlights: "As sleep becomes scarce and you cant turn off the nightmare, knowing what's real and what's not can be a deep rabbit hole."

Cinematographer Third Eye Visuals joined forces with the band to create striking fever dream visuals that compliment a theme of spiralling darkness and haunting thoughts. Watch here.

Formed in late 2016 by vocalist Patty Goodman and guitarist Tyson Taifer before welcoming Jack Mackin on bass and later Rob Brens on drums, metalcore outfit Mirrors quickly turned the eyes and ears of Australian listeners towards Regional Victoria with the release of their debut EP 'Fool’s Paradise' in 2017.

The 6 track release revealed the sound and delivery of a unit that had been functioning for many years, but after a mere 12 months of their existence they were invited to play alongside Parkway Drive, Architects and many more at the hallowed Unify Festival and jumped up to support the likes of Thornhill, The Devil Wears Prada, Ocean Grove and Alpha Wolf just to name a few.

2019 saw the band’s ceaseless efforts coalesce with the release of the 'Cold Sanctuary' EP. With their first EP establishing a commentary on the world around them, 'Cold Sanctuary' ventured inwards. With maturity comes introspection, and this new effort delved into the psyche, trying to navigate and make sense of the chaotic chatter of our innermost thoughts, begging for reprieve.

To compliment this unrelenting theme is a backdrop of earth shattering production, rivalling any band on the world stage, bringing their deepest, strongest and most dynamic compositions to date, alive. 'Cold Sanctuary' took the band beyond the borders of Victoria and around the country, showcasing their craft to audiences on tour with the likes of Wage War, Alpha Wolf, Thornhill, Crystal Lake and many more.

"Beneath The Sand" marks a new era for Mirrors - out now and available to stream everywhere.