MINDPATROL – Release Second Single "Terminus"

Luxembourg Progressive Metal outfit, Mindpatrol have released a new single "Terminus".

On their second single ´Terminus´, taken from the upcomingv album "Ikaria", MINDPATROL show their ferocious side. This is no coincidence, for former Mindpatrol guitarist Miguel Teixeira Sousa contributed to the songwriting of ´Terminus´. Thrash maniacs either know or should check out his playing in Luxembourgish Thrash Metal matadors Fusion Bomb. Given how ´Terminus´ is placed near the end of the album, it goes without saying that things are getting dark around here. This is reflected in the single’s artwork, which was created by Stéphane Pianon and shows the story’s protagonist moments before the hardest decision in her entire life. But worry not, we won’t spoil anything, especially since "Ikaria" is accompanied by a self-written German novel, which further details the story. "Ikaria" is released on June 4th via Green Zone Music.

On their fourth album "Ikaria", Luxembourgish Extreme Progressive Metal band Mindpatrol invites the listeners to the eponymous city – a futuristic place, whose founders decided to shield present and future inhabitants from all immoral thoughts and acts by putting in place an artificial thought monitoring. In order for this seemingly perfect place to work, a number of limitations to the inhabitants’ personal freedom are required. A young woman named Myra is not affected by this monitoring due to her being deaf. Being free to act at will, she quickly finds her hands covered in blood, although her intention is to return their freedom of thoughts to Ikaria’s inhabitants. Once again, Mindpatrol join their narrative heavyweight with a self-written novel (sorry, German only so far), so listeners can dive deeper into the story. With many of Metal’s sub-genres on their palette, Mindpatrol aim to not only paint a detailed picture of the events in Ikaria, but to put equal emphasis into intimate, introspective moments. In order to cover the entire ground between walls of sound as well as quiet, thoughtful moments, Mindpatrol gave the mixing and mastering duties into the capable hands of Sebastian Levermann (Orden Ogan).