MILLSTONE - Stream New Album "Isle"

Siberian Metal collective MILLSTONE have released new album "Isle". The album is streaming in its entirety below. "Isle" is available through multiple outlets and can be purchased at

Isle falls under the groove\death-metal umbrella, with melodic solos, varied rhythms and a "wall-of-sound" density. Each of the nine tracks carries its own unique mood; from acoustic sketches to bottom-heavy Meshuggah-esque passages, along with a lethal dose of straightforward classic thrash.

Isle was written by MILLSTONE mastermind Ivan Scherbakov and produced by Vladimir Lehtinen (Second To Sun, Ultar, Grima, etc.), Isle is a concept album based on sci-fi novel “The Inhabited Island” (Arkady and Boris Strugatsky)

Track Listing: 

1. Patres Ignotum 
2. Promised Land 
3. Turned Inside Out 
4. Everything is as it should be 
5. The Dark Tower 
6. Zombieland 
7. One-Way Ticket 
8. The War of Fools 
9. Progressor