MESSIER 16 - Unleash Their Debut Album "iota"

After four years in the making, Oslo-based Messier 16 unbinds their debut album “iota”. Aimed at relentlessly contemplative catharsis, this record seeks to dislodge the very bones of your quintessence. In a world of extreme solitude, Messier 16 encourages you to find company in this 53-minute journey of solemn musical atmosphere, to dare wallow in it, and let it be a hearth to which you can dry up.

Listen to the album in its entirety here:

Inspired by bands like ColdWorld, Opeth and Emperor, as well as Stravinsky, Steve Reich and Jon Hopkins, iota is a difficult album to place, but an easy album to embrace. It’s a musical heat blanket of extreme metal, contemporary classical, and earnest choral elements.

All music written by Jonas Ulrik Eide, founder of the band, with the exception of the opening track, written by Alexander Scriabin, and played by the pianist Eirik Haug Stømner. There’s an orchestra piece played by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. And a heap of aggressively sentimental metal tracks throughout.

The album as a whole is a deep dive in emotional desperation, and hopefully the listener will find it as inspiring, frustrating, melancholic and atmospheric as it can be.


1. Scriabin: 12 Etudes, Op. 8, No. 11 in B-Flat Minor 
2. Singular 
3. Omicron 
4. Sigma 
5. Equinox 
6. Bore 
7. iota 
8. Haze 
9. Lotus 
10. Zenith 
11. Zeta 
12. Rho