LUTHARÖ - Provide Studio Update

Recording for Lutharö’s upcoming full-length album is well underway. The latest update sees vocals and bass tracking completed. Lutharö are putting their all into the new release, pushing their distinctive heavy and melodic sound further than before.

Quote from vocalist Krista Shipperbottom:

“Tracking vocals at monolithic productions has been a blast! Can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been working on!”

Watch vocals/Bass tracking below!

Lutharö are directing their efforts to deliver an unprecedented take on heavy metal with their music. The quintet draws upon aspects of power metal and death metal to produce a fierce, hard hitting sound with an epic quality. Guitarists Victor Bucur and John Raposo perform intricate leads that slice through the intense lower tones, enhanced by Chris Pacey on bass.

With dynamic rhythms and blast beats from drummer Duval Gabraiel, the instruments combine to produce an unforgiving power which erupts into the heaviness that is their sound. Krista Shipperbottom’s lead vocals deliver everything from soaring melodies with a likeness to a siren’s alluring call, through to demonic guttural growls. Lutharö’s distinctive edge brings an impressive sound to the extreme metal scene.

Hailing from Hamilton, Canada, the metallers formed in 2013 and have been growing from strength to strength. The upcoming album follows the success of the 2020 EP ‘Wings of Agony’. Stay tuned for more updates!