KALAHARI - Release New Single "The Ivory Tower"

Italian Modern Metal outfit, Kalahari have released a new single "The Ivory Tower".

The singer Nicola Pellacani stated about the song: 

"The Ivory Tower" is a great achievement for us, both technically and for the self-awareness that writing this song gave us. We wanted to release it as a single to give the song and its message the most attention possible. What this song deals with is very connected to the meaning that our name has for us. It talks about the delusion of grandeur that we are thrown into when we are born in a developed country and the impossibility to reach its expectations. Life is a walk in the desert.

Kalahari is born in Forlì from an idea that finds its identity in 2017. Powerful break-downs and groovy riffs are alternated with sinuous melodies. The lyrics have social and existential themes.