IMAGES LAST - Release New Single Video "Saint Vs Sinner" (Ft Laura Vierra & Shane Gould)

Metalcore outfit, Images Last have released a new single and music video "Saint Vs Sinner" (Ft Laura Vierra & Shane Gould).

Saint vs Sinner describes a devastating breakup with a partner who out of spite, begins spreading rumors to paint a distorted picture of the innocent party. 
They play the angel when in fact they are truly the devil, spewing bile to anyone that will listen. 
The guilty continue to push their toxic traits and won't stop until they have truly taken every piece of a broken heart from someone that tried to give them the world.

Images Last is a duo Metalcore/Theatricore band based both in the UK and US.

While David Bartolomé (UK) deals with the male harmonies and aggressive screams, he also writes and plays all of the instrumentation. Drawing inspiration from horror films, he adds dark themes to the band's music by adding full orchestration and twisted lyrics.

In contrast to the aggressive and theatrical side of the band, female vocalist Kate Simons balances the music out with her angelic vocals and passionate flares. Together combining their unique traits and cultural backgrounds to create music they are equally avid about.