IAMMERAKI - Modern Rock Rising Sensation Release Emotive New Single 'Contrast'

Sydney-based Alternative/Modern Rock outfit IAMMERAKI is the brainchild of Lachy Campbell who has poured his heart and soul into creating music that is authentic, vulnerable, and true to himself. Combine that with driving riffs, catchy hooks, high-quality production, and accompanying visuals, IAMMERAKI has made a very strong debut with the release of his new single 'Contrast'

As vibrant as the name suggests, this anthemic and emotive single is layered with bittersweetness, optimism, and acceptance. 'Meraki', a Greek word for someone who leaves a piece of themselves in their craft, encapsulates exactly what you hear in this powerfully dynamic track. Drawing from personal experiences, Lachy Campbell explains "This track helped me find my voice again"

'Contrast' is a hard-hitting composition that starts off with an energetic introductory riff and superbly right drum and bass groove paving way for a stripped-back verse with clean guitars and Lachy Campbell's signature vocals flaunting his softer tones. The chorus propels the song in a heavier direction with crunchy distorted guitars, an upbeat drum & bass groove, and hook-laden vocals oscillating between powerful belts and fry screams. The words 'I can't say goodbye' become everpresent leading to the high impact & sonically diverse bridge which will have your fists pumping in the air in no time!

'Contrast' showcases a Musician that is stepping out of the shadows by delivering a song that is refined and introspective with commendable dynamic sensibilities. IAMMERAKI is definitely an up-and-coming Artist to keep an eye out for in the Australian Heavy Music Scene!